that’s the real magic


my baby..

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meet HONEY my cat,,

she is 12 years old , I had her since she was born so basically she’s my baby 🙂 and  the world to me.

since she was young I taught her a lot of stuff , I’ve never treated honey as a cat I always talked to her like if she’s a real girl

and that made her understand a lot ..

like if she was asleep and I came to her and tell her (honey do u want to eat? )she would get up right away and run to her food plate .

she knows when I’m sad  she would come to me and set next to me and looks at me like if she want to make me feel better.

honey to me is the most beautiful cat in the world 🙂 



تنزيلthough jeddah is like any other modern city has its positives and negatives , ups and downs, but still has its own spirit .
there is something unique about this city I don’t know what exactly but it has the factor that makes anyone fall in love with it. 
I miss jeddah I really do..
I miss the beach when I feel down or upset I used to go to the beach and just set there listening to waves sounds it really calms me down ..
I miss my friends , my house I grew up in , the streets,the people.. I miss everything

moving to Riyadh,,


it was only an idea that my mom came up with, and that is to move to Riyadh  seeking a better life and break the daily routine we were living in..
at first the family’s opinion  divided into against and with the idea of MOVING TO RIYADH
but after  long discussions we all agreed of moving and here the story began ..

though Riyadh is a huge modern city and very organized  yet it’s very boring and lack of activities.
so basically the first year was difficult for us to adjust with the new city and the new life , but later on we gradually started to adapt and used to this new life . 
but still we miss Jeddah all the time :(..